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Need Conversation Starter with boys?Look Here!


Does he play sports,music,or other????? Say "Do you play __________" then when he says yes

say "well,your good at __________" and he'll probaly say !THANKS! If he goes mumbling on,that means he's nervous,so he must like you even more.

Is he good at history,math,or another school subject???? Then ask "Can you help me with (ex.this math problem) ,if he dosen't answer then he's embarresed,ans thats a GOOD sign(most of the time).If he answers you,he'll help you work through it(maybe,he may say "no your weird",but not likely if he's nice) 

     DON'T:(BIG GIANT POINT!!!) don't play dumb and ask him to help you with problems you know.He'll find that out because it's obvuios and CERTAINLY think you are cheatiing off his work or making fun of him!!!! SO DON'T!!!!!!


 Others: Weather (corny but works),time,NOTHING personal!,and anything about school except (your sucha good student,or about being good grades because then you look dorky!

          PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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(Poor you, 2012-10-24 23:17)

It must be so depressing that nobody cares. I like the pink though.


(andrea gomez, 2011-11-28 22:51)

i think this website is lame and just not cool
too much pink :P

Middle school...

(Al, 2011-04-03 07:13)

You are wierd. This is unrealistic. Stop doing stuff like this you aren't helping anyone....maybe a fifth grader





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