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My first guide to hinting to a boy you like ;)


    Elizabeth's Guide to Getting a boy to like you

Find out what he and you like (In this example we are using a guitar),
Come play your quitar.If he's playing his though:

DON'T: play yours,it'll be obvious you like him and he'll think your copying him by doing it at the same time as him.
DO: wait for at least two days to play yours.If you play the next day,it'll look like cover up copying.

If he's not playing his:

DON'T: As your playing,tell him,or even talk about your playing to him.This will look like copying and showing off,at least at first.He may think your trying to be better than him also.
DO: Play,and if he sees you,just casually wave.If  (EEEP!) he come to talk to you,
DON'T: Talk about yourself unless he asks a question about you.
DO: Keep the main talking about him.It'll make him feel like you think he's important.

If he dosen't talk to you:
DON'T: Look at him,or call to him,or try to get him over.Desprate,desprate,desprate!
DO: Just keep playing.He probaly thinks you like guitar if you know a whole or most of a song.He likes guitar too,so hopefully he'll either tell you something like "Great Job!"or even "Can you teach me!"

When he is alone:

DON'T:Ask him out RIGHT AWAY!
DO: Ask about homework,Mrs.Hult(Do you like Mrs.Hult?)*Exapmle teacher,just use any mean teacher and your good lol*, weather,time,and other school stuff (asking bout school is safe,cause there's no personal stuff)

Compliment him on:

DON'T: any feature:eyes,muscles.etc.,personal stuff,or being funny (trust me!)
DO: sports,guitar,broad not personal stuff AT ALL till a little later

P.S My friend Jessica got helped alot from this,she's the one I made it for,so I hope it can help everyone ;)



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